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Monday, September 15, 2008

I -Don't- Like Ike

I know I've been MIA for the past few days, and, as always, I apologize...but this time I have a legitimate excuse. Hurricane Ike passed through on Saturday and left in its wake moderate destruction at the Anderson abode. Our neighbor's dead tree fell right across the fence and landed right on our roof. So we have holes, a couple of new "skylights" (the biggest one is right in my closet) and lots of missing eaves. It was nerve-wracking for awhile and now it's quite the hassle, but we certainly realize it could have been much worse. For a lot of people, it was a lot heart and prayers go out to them. So, this has been my project for the past few days; fielding calls to and from the insurance company, the neighbors, contractors, roofers, the tree removal people...shaking insulation and pieces of my ceiling out of my clothes and vacuuming it off the floor. We spent yesterday afternoon cleaning off the patio (and we're much obliged to my in-laws for all their hard work helping us...thanks Jim and Debbie!) so at least the people who came today to give us estimates on the work that must be done were able to get around out there. What a mess this thing has been. More than anything we find ourselves continually grateful for what didn't happen, but could have. Like, aside from rattled nerves, no one was hurt. Josh and Gatsby were home when it happened- I was photographing a wedding (which is another story all its own!). Hopefully, I'll be back soon...with something much happier, and far more colorful than dead trees and devastation!

sweetly, happily, and artfully yours,



susan said...

oh geez!! thank goodness you are ok, but i agree, that stinks!! hope everything is back to normal soon and dont worry about the swap! that is low on your priority list, k?

blingqueen said...

OMG!!! I had no idea you were that close to Ike!!! I wish I was there to help you clean up!!!

I am with you in spirit anyways!!! I would have never known about it had it not been for blogging!!! I wish you the best. If you need anything from out here let me know!!


Monica Crowe said...

Oh no! Randi, I had no idea you were in the storm's path or I would have popped in to check on you sooner. But duh! You DO live in Tx. I hope you all can get things repaired and back to normal soon.
xx- Monica

JoAnn said...

Randi and Josh, We are so sorry for the damage to your lovely home. Mother nature can be pretty tough sometimes. Thank God you and Josh are ok. Will pray that all goes well . Nama and Papa

Deb said...

I know this is such a hassle... but like you said from the get go..there is so much to be thankful for. I am praying for quick resolution to all of this mess. I am also praying it does NOT RAIN!!!!

You are welcome for the little help we gave....wish we could have fixed the holes and shingled the roof, too!