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Monday, April 27, 2009

All's Well On The Creative Front

This weekend, I was given the most wonderful baby shower by four fabulous ladies and the event gave me a chance to actually make something. I created gift baskets with a cupcakes and cherries theme and made several of the things that went in them. I haven't gotten a whole lot of craft time lately so it was refreshing and fun!! Since it's been forever since I posted anything half way inspirational, I thought I'd share. Here are my creations:
I've been wanting to use this Psalm with one of my paintings now for awhile and felt this was the perfect opportunity!

And I've decided I think I could really like embroidery...I just need some practice. Fortunately, these button cherries are EXTREMELY easy.As were these cupcake dishtowels. They're just flour sack dishtowels with buttons, embroidery thread and some scrap fabric I had. I think I'll make one for myself! I'm not sure how well they'll hold up to repeated use and washing...Here's the loot that went into each basket:And here they are all packaged up and ready to go! Cute, no? For all the hard work those ladies put in they deserved so much more! I had a great time...preparing the baskets and at the shower! And we got so much sweet baby stuff that we really needed!

Thanks to Rachel, Mrs. Helen, Jan and Carolyn for all you did!

sweetly, happily, and artfully yours,



Deb said...

Those are amazing, Randi!

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Randi Randi Randi!!!!

Can't beleive you are pregnant! - been out of touch Waaaay tooo long.

I am due sometime within the next few weeks.

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