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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

la-la-la-la life goes on

So...I am, in fact, still alive. And I'm back to the blog. It feels almost awkward; I've been away so long! Assuming there is still anyone who has yet to give up on me...I just wanted you to know I'm doing just fine and all is well here. We even almost have all the repairs done on the house (five months after Hurricane Ike...but better later than never, I suppose.) Not only am I still alive, but I also return bearing big news! We're having a baby! Yes, that's right...we were as surprised as anyone. To avoid mixing too much personal with what was supposed to be strictly art and inspiration, I started a new "baby blog" ( which you're more than welcome to visit. So you know. From around Thanksgiving to a week or so into January, I didn't feel well at all...and then it just seemed so overwhelming to return to blogging. Too much time had elapsed. I don't know feasibly how much time I'll keep devoting to the blog, but as long as I'm still painting and creating I don't want to let it go! Plus, I miss you blogland people I don't get to connect with any other way! Well, I just wanted to update...rebreak the ice and jump back into blogging. I'll be back soon...hopefully with some pictures!

sweetly, happily, artfully and apologetically yours,



David "Dutch" Boersma said...

we're still reading, so keep posting

Genevieve said...

Congrats! I have been away a long time too! It is really hard to start up again! I have tried a few times to no avail! Baby steps he he!
I will go and check out your baby blog,babies will bring so much joy and make your life a lot of fun! Best of luck and I am sorry that you do not feel well!